Peter P.

I had been suffering over 20 years with excruciating head and neck pain, accompanied with severe muscle spasms in the upper mantle (the upper back, shoulders and neck). At this point, I was taking either Hydro Morphine – 270 mg., 4 times per day, or MS Contin, along with 6-8 Oxycocet per day, for pain. Additionally, I was also taking various muscle relaxants including Flexoril. I had been seen by every type of health professional I could find, but they could not treat my condition or reduce the severity of my symptoms.

After Dr. Souvestre’s initial assessment he was confident that he could help me. I agreed to take the treatment program. My first treatment with NeuroKinetics brought immediate relief that I had not experienced. Within the following nine months of my treatment program there has been tremendous improvement. My pain has been significantly reduced, I had much less muscle spasm, I felt warm again, my balance was much improved and I became much happier. I have found Dr. Souvestre a delight to work with. His compassion to help each patient, along with a tireless work ethic, mixed with an open mind, compels me to recommend him to anyone, and to ask North American medical doctors of all backgrounds to start thinking outside of the box.


Anja R.

I was diagnosed by several physicians with SLE Lupus. I thought my life was over. I had terrible joint pains and I felt like the tin man who needed to be oiled every morning before I could move. My sleeps were off, I was always tired, I had no energy, and for no apparent reason I would wake up some mornings extremely sick with bronchitis, pleurisy or inflammations everywhere. I had no energy. Life seemed hopeless, living with all the pain and always being so tired.

My father in law found out about NeuroKinetics Clinic and Dr. Souvestre. At first I was skeptical because I was sick of doctors, not one really helped me much, but I thought what the heck I have nothing to lose. I started off slowly getting better and I was amazed how good I was feeling within 6 months of intensive treatment. Now 2 years later, I feel so much better without any specific treatment at all. I go to the gym 6 times a week, I have 3 part time jobs and I look after my family which involves 2 children. I feel great, thanks to Dr. Souvestre who really cares and really does help. There is nothing better in life than good health.


Alexis L.

I have suffered with anxiety, depression, and migraines insomnia for approx 12 years. I lost my dear brother who was like my twin. I loved him more than life and when he died I died too. I repressed my feelings and disconnected my life with anyone I cared about. I was soon prescribed medication for several years to numb the pain. I did not know, at the time, the complications I would be dealing with after years of taking medications. About 2 weeks later it hit me – all of a sudden symptoms of vertigo, dizziness and extreme migraines with tinnitus which took control of my whole world. I was bed ridden for 4 months. I truly believed that my time was near and I was alone.

All the doctors told me I will have to live with pain and would only write a prescription to sedate the pain. I wanted quick results and I wanted them now. I am not a patient person when it comes to sickness and I was tired of feeling sick and dizzy all the time. NeuroKinetics answered my prayers on the very same day I was there. They assessed me and treated me accordingly. I recommend NeuroKinetics highly. I know they can and will help you because if it happened to me, it can happen to anyone. Do it today! Make that appointment and start living again. Tomorrow may never come so help yourself and know you are not alone.


Pete P.

I am a professional CFL Football player. I was referred to NeuroKinetics Clinic after 20 years of a severe head injury during a CFL game. My injuries, a skull fracture and a partially dislocated sphenoid, eventually ended my football career and initiated a desperate 20 year ordeal of search, constant suffering, and subsequent drug dependency to painkillers and narcotics. No medical professional could effectively reduce my pain.

When I started the Rehabilitation Program at NeuroKinetics, I was complaining of constant extreme headaches, neck pain, severe thoracic pain and muscle spasms in shoulders and throughout the neck, hypersensitivity to cold, and insomnia. After 2 weeks of treatment, cramps and hypersensitivity to cold were completely cleared up, pains were considerably reduced, and allowed initiating weaning of heavy medical drugs. 10 weeks later, I only had some residual on-off headaches and almost felt like I was back to normal. 6 months later, I was nearly stabilized, autonomous and back to a very normal lifestyle. Thanks to Dr. Souvestre, I am now able to operate a very active full time business.


Nigel C.

My tinnitus symptoms started eight weeks after I had suffered a head-on collision with the broad side of a 20-ton truck. I was diagnosed with tinnitus and upon asking the doctor what the prognosis was, I was informed that it was a life-long condition and that I would have to learn to live with it. For the first six weeks the tinnitus symptoms were manageable enough that I was able to continue with my research at the University of Oregon. Although the tinnitus symptoms would generally increase as the evening wore on, with an accompanying increase in anxiety. My chiropractor continued to believe that the structural cause of my tinnitus symptoms were spinally-based, so that when I failed to respond to his treatment, he attributed my failure to heal to unresolved psychological conflicts. My tinnitus symptoms grew more severe. I found myself calling my homeopath two, three, sometimes four times per night, terrified for my life.

I then met Dr. Philippe Souvestre who demonstrated his competence in treating brain disorders at our first meeting. At the conclusion of the tests, Dr. Souvestre told me that my case was not a difficult one for him. He recommended that I should embark on a four-to-five month program. He went on to predict that if I followed his protocol, I would be relieved of all my tinnitus symptoms. Initially, I had my doubts as to whether Dr. Souvestre could deliver on his expectations, but he turned out to be right. Since completing the program, I have resumed my studies as a graduate student at the University of Oregon, have begun listening to music again, and am presently in the process of writing a book. In many respects I am healthier now than I was when I began the program a little less than a year ago.

It may seem like an overstatement when I proclaim that Dr. Souvestre saved my life, but I would be dishonest if I did not give credit where credit is due. Besides being a highly competent and experienced physician, Dr. Souvestre is a compassionate and deeply caring human being, who helped me overcome a seemingly endless array of obstacles in my efforts to step back from the edge of the abyss and reclaim my health.


Carolanne O.

I sustained a mild traumatic brain injury when I caught my foot on a rug and flew head first into a table while aboard a boat cruise which had eighty-five people on it. I hit my head so hard that I didn’t know who or where I was, needed help from others to walk and began vomiting repeatedly. For the next two months I dealt with excruciating and constant headaches, memory problems, nausea, and fatigue, which were all aggravated by any stimulation. My cognition became so poor that even small tasks, such as basic housework or cooking, were too overwhelming. I avoided driving, socializing, and all the physical activities. During my visits to emergency, I didn’t receive any information from the doctors about what to expect with a concussion or a single suggestion about how to manage the brutal headaches. In addition, I went to general practitioners four times during the two weeks after the accident without any improvement in the symptoms.

Luckily, I met a patient of Dr. Souvestre’s who had experienced great success with his health problems when he was treated by Dr. Souvestre. I made an appointment as soon as I got home and have been pinching myself ever since my first treatment, because without Dr. Souvestre’s skill, expertise, talent, and caring nature, I wouldn’t have been able to return to work or return to living my life. I’m incredibly grateful for Dr. Souvestre’s dedication towards ongoing research and training along with his desire to help his patients. I’m not sure how I can ever adequately thank him for giving me my brain, my body and my life back. If only we could get all doctors to follow his fine example. He’s a true gem.