Our Approach

The light at the end of the tunnel

For many, a serious trauma can literally change the course of their life and everyone around them. It can lead any and all down a road that feels scary, uncertain, and at times, hopeless. There is a growing demand to develop more tangible and concrete solutions that will help overcome the effects of trauma and brain injury because people want to do more than simply survive, they want their life back.

We see patients everyday who have been told there is no longer anything their caregivers can do for them, but we know otherwise. We are driven by a desire and compassion to prevent people from ever having to get to a place where they have no hope.


At NeuroKinetics, our approach is unique because we fuse the best of Brain Neuroscience, knowledge & methods of Western Medicine and the philosophy & techniques of Eastern Medicine, to achieve long-lasting results. In some cases, Western or Eastern Medicine will not be enough on their own; therefore,by giving you the best of both worlds, we treat and support the brain so that it can heal body and mind.

We draw from the world’s leading and proven medical philosophies while at the same time including our patients in every step of their treatment plan. We are redefining the way concussions, trauma, and first ensuring that we, and our patients, understand the root of their condition treats chronic health challenges. We then customize a unique treatment protocol that empowers them through their journey to recovery.


There doesn’t necessarily have to be something “wrong” with you in order for you to benefit from better brain health or brain optimization as brain optimization will increase your performance. It can be at the office or on the sports field or even in your everyday life. Optimizing one’s brain is at the very core of what NeuroKinetics does.


Our results change lives, it is as simple as that.

We work with patients that no one has been able to help. For years or even decades, most have given up hope until they hear what we are able to offer. We treat the whole patient and not just their condition. Our patients come from around the world for our expertise because we are recognized as leaders in a new medical field, one that draws from multiple disciplines and places tangible results above all else.

Since the late 1980s, Dr. Souvestre has successfully treated thousands of people with chronic and complex conditions. Recent study shows that NeuroKinetics Clinic has an 85% success rate. At the NeuroKinetics Clinic, through our unique investigative approach, we are able to paint the complete picture of what a patients’ body and mind has been experiencing with the full impact of trauma. Only then can we start to create a path toward healing.