Pete P.

I am a professional CFL Football player. I was referred to NeuroKinetics Clinic after 20 years of a severe head injury during a CFL game. My injuries, a skull fracture and a partially dislocated sphenoid, eventually ended my football career and initiated a desperate 20 year ordeal of search, constant suffering, and subsequent drug dependency to painkillers and narcotics. No medical professional could effectively reduce my pain.

When I started the Rehabilitation Program at NeuroKinetics, I was complaining of constant extreme headaches, neck pain, severe thoracic pain and muscle spasms in shoulders and throughout the neck, hypersensitivity to cold, and insomnia. After 2 weeks of treatment, cramps and hypersensitivity to cold were completely cleared up, pains were considerably reduced, and allowed initiating weaning of heavy medical drugs. 10 weeks later, I only had some residual on-off headaches and almost felt like I was back to normal. 6 months later, I was nearly stabilized, autonomous and back to a very normal lifestyle. Thanks to Dr. Souvestre, I am now able to operate a very active full time business.