Skin Beauty

Biomedical Aesthetics and Anti-Ageing

For instance, Biomedical Cosmetic Mesotherapy techniques are generally the ideal proven risk-free natural alternative to Botox® vaccine-based techniques because they essentially use homeopathic medications, selected plant extracts, vitamins and other skin supportive ingredients to achieve tangible long-lasting glowing youthful and healthy skin states instead of using the local pathological effects on the skin tissue of a lethal bacterial-made vaccine. Typical patient-specific combination cocktails may include Wrinkle®, Collagen®, Dermis®, Tone®, Pigmentation®, Connectissue®, and Acne® for the face, chest, back and hands. Results require a series of sessions as they are cumulative; each treatment builds on the next creating long-term cellular rejuvenation. Cellulite®, Adipose® and Mesenchym® are commonly used together to dissolve fat tissue anywhere on the body including double chin.

We rely on the integrity of Viatrexx® remedies routinely used for our Biomedical Aesthetic treatments. Various formulas contribute to drain and detoxify, regenerate, nourish and oxygenate the cells and tissues of the face, head, hair re-growth, towards enhancing body beauty.

  1. Drainage & Detoxification: Our exhausted anatomy and physiological systems must be open, cleaned out and reopened to be able to gain from regenerative and supportive nutrients, to oxygenate properly, and regenerate. Drainage is about opening microscopic anatomic valves to let trapped toxins flow out, while detoxification is a more complex and deeper cleansing process. Both address extra-cellular (outside the cell) and intra-cellular (inside the cell) aspects of the cell and tissue. This initial healing step is like “cleaning the floor before waxing where we don’t want to wax onto the impure or unclean”.
  2. Regeneration: Viatrexx* Mesotherapy products provide the necessary purified components that enable all cells and tissues to be properly nourished, supported and energized in order to heal, regenerate, grow, function and perpetuate at an optimal level. System-specific nutrients are combined for both extra and intra-cellular support at the right scale of concentration for the most effective results.
  3. Oxygenation: encompasses cellular respiration, Krebs cycle activity, enzymes, catalysts and other components which assist cells to breathe and produce energy. When oxygenation occurs in our cells, this allows life, flow and movement in our tissues.
  4. For adipose fat tissue: Cellulite®, Adipose® and Mesenchym® are combined and injected into inner thighs, buttocks, abdomen, and other areas to help dissolve fat tissue.

Dermal fillers achieve a youthful look by smoothing out the depth of lines and wrinkles by restoring or adding volume, shaping and contouring ageing facial and body features, and hydrating the skin. We select dermal fillers for their highest amounts of hyaluronic acid (naturally produced by the body but depletes over time along with collagen and elastin). Such treatment generally lasts 6-12 months, results are close to immediate, precise and natural looking.

Emervel® is a sophisticated range of softer dermal fillers, designed for customised and smooth integration into the skin. It consists of five hyaluronic acid dermal fillers specifically designed to provide a good combination of tolerance and long-lasting correction of facial lines, contouring and volume loss, lip enhancement as well as lifting sagging skin on the face. Emervel® fillers are formulated through a unique process called Optimal Balance Technology™, offering long lasting softer effects.

Dermapen® advanced microneedling technology is a medically peer-reviewed Microneedling device that stimulates the skin via microneedling stimulation to obtain dermal tissue healing and regeneration. It works effectively for wrinkles, fine lines, general facial and body tissue rejuvenation, superficial pigmentation, minimizing skin pores, improving stretch marks, crepy skin, surgical scars, acne scars and hair re-growth. Dermapen* stimulates collagen, elastin, circulation and delivery of oxygen and nutrients to skin cells. Such treatment can be used on any type of skin including “paper thin” hand skin and skin over the inside of the arm. This microneedling technique actually is meant to optimize skin rejuvenation and mitigate and prevent long-term ageing effects on the dermal tissues. Dermapen® delivers precisely controlled perpendicular injuries to the dermis and epidermis of the skin at a fraction of the cost of energy-based (laser) treatments. The painless harmless micro-wounds created during the microneedling process heal very rapidly due to the vertical penetration and have scientifically reported to reinforce and thicken both dermis and epidermis by increasing collagen production by at least 200%. Vitamins, Nutrients, Hyaluronic Acid and other regenerative ingredients are gently “imported” into the skin via the unique fractional patterned disposable 200-micron (extremely tiny) needles.

Facial Rejuvenation Acupuncture (FRA) is historically an ancient Chinese secret which safely reduces the signs of ageing without surgery or the use of potentially high-risk lethal bacterial vaccine such as Botox® with improving blood and energy circulation in all age groups. It is a very effective and innocuous rejuvenation and revitalization process designed to help the face and whole body look and feel younger. FRA softens existing lines and wrinkles by enhancing local natural collagen production to obtain a more youthful appearance in the older population and is an excellent preventative treatment for people in their late 20’s and early 30’s.

The principle of the “Acupuncture Face-Lift” technique is based on the placement of sterile short hair thin needles into selected points to increase natural collagen production, tighten, tone and restore the skin’s firmness. The increase in energy (Qi) and blood circulation created by the treatment improves facial “Shen” (vitality).

Facial muscles will be naturally stimulated, tightened and lifted. Fine lines may be entirely erased, and deeper lines reduced, sagging eye and neck areas become firmed. Circulation, facial tone and color are enhanced for a healthier and more vibrant appearance.

Although results from acupuncture facial treatments are never as rapidly dramatic as those achieved with traditional plastic surgery, our patients are never exposed to the secondary risk of a tight, pulled-back look.

A biomedical systematic assessment determines which meridians are involved in the condition and where are the energy Qi “blockages” throughout the body that would contribute to the patient-specific ageing process. Selective acupuncture points are recognized for “governing” issues and conditions such as acne, dry or sagging skin, wrinkles, scars, and double chins. Eye bags, puffiness and dark circles under the eyes are also commonly addressed. The number of FRA treatment sessions required is determined on an individual basis, however most courses of treatment average 10 visits.

Generally, it is very important to follow the prescribed course of treatment for best quality and most long-lasting results whatever is the recommended aesthetic procedure. Additional treatments may be needed at times to boost and sustain the effects of previous treatments.

FRA initial results may be seen as early as the first treatment, followed by more dramatic and long-lasting results usually noticed after the 6th or 7th treatment.