About Us

We are brain experts

The human brain is beautifully complex and up until now, it has been vastly misunderstood. Research has shown that the brain is always at the root of all pain and discomfort. At NeuroKinetics, we hold a deep understanding of how the brain operates and responds to trauma. Our treatment has shown and proven to restore and optimize performance while eliminating symptoms for a wide range of health conditions from trauma to illness. We rebuild and improve our patients’ quality of life, using a highly integrated approach.

We are a patient centered clinic. With 25+ years of experience, our success happens because of our understanding that patients hold answers they may not even be aware of. It is our expertise which makes the connection between their past traumas or injuries and their current situation.


The private bio-medical clinic was founded by Dr. Philippe Souvestre, MD (France) in 1997 to better serve patients suffering from a variety of trauma-related conditions and chronic incapacitation. Today, we are recognized around the world for revolutionizing the way trauma symptoms and disabilities are diagnosed and treated. Dr. Souvestre is the originator of the term “NeuroKinetics.”


Together, we are on a journey towards discovery. Our vision is to change the face of medicine. We are dedicated to altering the way the medical system deals with trauma, which requires shifting people’s mindset when it comes to understanding brain physiology. We endeavor to become the primary resource and not the last resort; only then can we begin to affect massive change. At NeuroKinetics, the medicine of tomorrow is being practiced today.


We transform lives by physically stimulating the brain and the body in a variety of ways to restore physical and mental functionality and enhance performance. We offer state of the art biomedical treatments and therapies that are based in science and complemented by our compassion and care. By using brain physiology, we treat our patients from the inside out. In doing so, we are able to identify blind spots others may have missed and repair the circuits in the brain and the body that are not functioning properly. By bringing innovative biomedical procedures into the public eye, we are redefining how mainstream medicine handles and treats chronic and complex health conditions.