1. Who can benefit from NeuroKinetics treatment?

    Many conditions will respond to the NeuroKinetics approach. The best way to determine if this applies to you is to schedule a Suitability Assessment. This mini-assessment will show whether this approach is suitable for you. This approach also works well for sports and work related injuries, where timely return to activity is important.

  2. What are the benefits of treatment?

    This drugless, non-invasive approach is effective on both recent and long-term health conditions. Our approach at the clinic aims at restoring function, reducing, or eliminating symptoms by understanding how the brain has responded to incidents through life; this results in a faster overall recovery. The treatment targets to improve overall physical and mental function which then addresses the source of multiple symptoms, rather than having a different therapy for each symptom. Since it was founded in 1997, the clinic achieves an 85% success rate, and with patients with chronic and complex conditions. Most of these patients had already tried multiple therapies, without success, before coming to NeuroKinetics.

    The treatment addresses a wide range of symptoms: physical, cognitive, emotional, and intellectual. Benefits can include reduction of chronic pain, improvement of function, better clarity of focus and thought, stronger balance and coordination, an increase in energy, and better sleep.

  3. How Does the NeuroKinetics Treatment Approach Work?

    NeuroKinetics treatment approach focuses on how the brain has responded to the stressors and incidents in life and treating those areas. This involves non-invasive, drug-free, gentle stimulation of certain areas of the brain. The objective is to reset and “jump start” the function of the overwhelmed neural “circuits” thereby restoring normal function in the areas they regulate.

  4. Will this approach work for me?

    For recent, or acute, conditions we can help speed the healing process. For long term, or chronic and complex conditions, we would first need a General Consultation and Suitability Assessment. This is a short one-hour review and testing which will provide an indication for both patient and treatment provider as to whether your condition is responsive to this approach. It is the starting point for all the treatment programs.

  5. What are examples of conditions that NeuroKinetics can treat?

    We have successfully treated the following issues:

    • Chronic Pain

    • Chronic Fatigue

    • Fibromyalgia

    • Muscular Sclerosis (MS), when it is a syndrome
Parkinson’s syndrome

    • Post Concussion Syndrome

    • Attention Deficit Disorder/Hyperactivity (ADD or ADHD)

    • Balance Problems

    • Head and Back Injuries
    • Whiplash

    • Allergies

    • Sleep problems, insomnia

    • Addictions

    • Sexual dysfunction

    • Depression

    • Arthritis
  6. Do I Need A Medical Referral to Get Treated at NeuroKinetics?

    A doctor’s referral is not required. We are a private clinic so you can book your appointment when you are ready. No long waiting lists.

  7. How is NeuroKinetics different from other types of medical treatments available?

    • The treatments are non-invasive and drug-free.
    • NeuroKinetics have been successfully used in a clinical setting for over 30 years. Patients see an 85% success rate across symptoms.
    • Know whether your condition is responsive to this approach before you start. Our assessments measure before and after levels of function on key areas before any treatment is started.
    • One treatment program addresses multiple symptoms. Our focus is the brain and the specific areas that control our ability to function. When the brain isn’t working right, it affects multiple areas. So, fixing the brain, using gentle stimulation that is specific to you, can solve these.
    • Neuroplasticity can work for you. Neuroplasticity is the ability of the physical areas of the brain to change. This is one of the facts about your brain that we rely on to help you.
    • Integrated approach is more effective for chronic conditions. Our treatment approach is based on several areas of medicine including neuroscience, rehabilitation medicine, sports medicine, aerospace medicine, Chinese medicine and acupuncture, homeopathy, posturology, and bioengineering.

    Let leading edge medicine work for you.

  8. What services are offered at NeuroKinetics?

    You can receive advanced acupuncture, prolotherapy, mesotherapy, and treatment program for chronic health conditions, trauma, concussions, and sports injuries. We provide can also provide medical-legal assessments and reports.

  9. What should I expect when I visit NeuroKinetics?

    We aim to provide for you welcoming, comfortable office, professional, friendly staff, thorough interview with your assessments, and advanced therapies to help you.

  10. Are There Effects or Risks Involved with the Treatment?

    There are no side effects. Patients should be aware that the healing process may make them require more sleep, or some lifestyle changes to support the detoxification process and restorative effects stimulated by the treatment. We rely on patient cooperation with the recommendations given during the treatment program.

  11. What is the required recovery time for treatment?

    Time required for recovery and treatment programs is usually different for each patient. For acute or recent conditions, treatment may range from only a few sessions to a couple weeks of treatment, and in rare cases up 12 weeks.

    For chronic or long term and complex conditions, there is a minimum 3-month treatment program. These 12 weeks are required with respect to reaching a “neurophysiological stabilization threshold” or time for the brain to remember the new “good” state.

    Once the treatment is completed, follow up appointments may be recommended in 3 to 12 month intervals to check on progress and to provide tune-ups as needed.

  12. Are Your Services Covered by Insurance?

    The clinic at NeuroKinetics Health Services (B.C.), Inc. is a private health and medical care facility. Our services are not covered under the Canadian Medical Services Plan (MSP). However, some private insurance programs may cover portions of the fees.

  13. What is the Cost for Treatment?

    Every patient is unique; treatment programs must be customized to the requirements of the condition, and services and associated fees may vary. Please contact our office for more information on general pricing. We can assist with an estimate after we have completed an assessment and know more about what may be involved to assist you.