Peter P.

I had been suffering over 20 years with excruciating head and neck pain, accompanied with severe muscle spasms in the upper mantle (the upper back, shoulders and neck). At this point, I was taking either Hydro Morphine – 270 mg., 4 times per day, or MS Contin, along with 6-8 Oxycocet per day, for pain. Additionally, I was also taking various muscle relaxants including Flexoril. I had been seen by every type of health professional I could find, but they could not treat my condition or reduce the severity of my symptoms.

After Dr. Souvestre’s initial assessment he was confident that he could help me. I agreed to take the treatment program. My first treatment with NeuroKinetics brought immediate relief that I had not experienced. Within the following nine months of my treatment program there has been tremendous improvement. My pain has been significantly reduced, I had much less muscle spasm, I felt warm again, my balance was much improved and I became much happier. I have found Dr. Souvestre a delight to work with. His compassion to help each patient, along with a tireless work ethic, mixed with an open mind, compels me to recommend him to anyone, and to ask North American medical doctors of all backgrounds to start thinking outside of the box.