Anja R.

I was diagnosed by several physicians with SLE Lupus. I thought my life was over. I had terrible joint pains and I felt like the tin man who needed to be oiled every morning before I could move. My sleeps were off, I was always tired, I had no energy, and for no apparent reason I would wake up some mornings extremely sick with bronchitis, pleurisy or inflammations everywhere. I had no energy. Life seemed hopeless, living with all the pain and always being so tired.

My father in law found out about NeuroKinetics Clinic and Dr. Souvestre. At first I was skeptical because I was sick of doctors, not one really helped me much, but I thought what the heck I have nothing to lose. I started off slowly getting better and I was amazed how good I was feeling within 6 months of intensive treatment. Now 2 years later, I feel so much better without any specific treatment at all. I go to the gym 6 times a week, I have 3 part time jobs and I look after my family which involves 2 children. I feel great, thanks to Dr. Souvestre who really cares and really does help. There is nothing better in life than good health.