NHL Hockey Player

Alyn was knocked unconscious for 90 seconds during an NHL hockey game in 1999 while playing for the Toronto Maple Leafs. This was his third concussion over a 4 year period. When he began to skate again 7 months later, he realized this concussion was more severe than the others. This time, his balance was lost combined with a prolonged dizziness; also his hand eye coordination was limited. These problems produced an increased level of anxiety regarding his professional future. The Leafs then referred him to the NeuroKinetics Clinic.

After completing his personalized NeuroKinetics Post-Concussion Recovery Program, Alyn regained his “edge” and scored 20 goals, blowing away his previous goal scoring high in any one NHL season by 14 goals.


BMX Stunt Biking Athlete

Alex is an amateur BMX stunt rider enthusiast who suffered a major concussion after striking his head on the ground while practicing aerial stunt manoeuvres. The impact resulted in constant incapacitating headaches, dizziness, motion sickness, massive postural misalignment, hypersensitivities and extreme fatigue. After the accident, Alex’s daily life was extremely restricted and he could not do any complex physical actions. Within 2 weeks after beginning his personalized Post-Concussion Recovery Program with NeuroKinetics, Alex’s energy returned and his balance and dizziness issues had significantly been minimized.

After completing his 12 week program, Alex’s head pain, dizziness, hypersensitivities and motion sickness had completely vanished; also his postural misalignment had been fully corrected and stabilized. Alex was then able to go back and perform his aerial stunt riding tricks again.



Shirley was 48 when she met Dr. Souvestre at the NeuroKinetics Clinic. She had been experiencing insomnia, constipation, incontinence, sugar cravings, anxiety, short and long term memory loss, foggy thinking, mood swings, irritability, hot flashes, night sweats, chronic fatigue, depression, permanent flu-like symptoms, overall pain and stiffness, visual blurriness, dizziness, cold body temperature, poor circulation, decreased libido, fibrocystic breasts, malabsorption, weight loss, acidosis, indigestion, violent headaches and heart palpations. She felt her life was quickly nearing the end.

By the end of the first week of her personalized NeuroKinetics program, many of her symptoms had begun to significantly improve. Since Shirley completed her NeuroKinetics program, she has been able to pursue all of her dreams and ambitions she once thought were unobtainable.


Grandfather, Hard Working Family Man

Doctors had told Walter’s family “to stop wasting their time” as there was nothing that could be done for him. Walter was 75 and had worked in heavy physical labour jobs for 50 years experiencing many severe physical and emotion traumas. Walter’s family brought him to the NeuroKinetics Clinic. After his initial assessment, it was determined that Walter was suffering from a severe Postural Deficiency Syndrome. Walter’s response to his NeuroKinetics 12 week personalized program was astounding as after 2 weeks he was able to talk again and able to tie his shoelaces without any dizziness. After 6 weeks, his right arm tremors which he had for several years were almost gone.

Walter is now getting a good night sleep and he has the energy to complete all of the daily activities that have always been his life’s pleasures. Most importantly, Walter is enjoying life without dizziness which had stopped him in his tracks for years.


Competitive Cyclist

A female bicycle racer, 44 years of age, experienced multiple life-threatening traumas over several years each including head injuries, loss of consciousness, concussions and skeletal fractures. Complaints included incapacitating balance disorders, headaches, whiplash and hip pain. She also experienced severe anxiety with panic attacks, major insomnia, constant chronic fatigue and blurry vision for the previous 5 years, and had a childhood fear of heights.

Within two weeks she had only minor residual pain in her head, neck and shoulders area. Vision was improved, dizziness and anxiety greatly reduced, and her energy levels were continually increasing. After a month of treatment, she had only minor sleep disturbances, minor visual acuity issues with all other complaints reduced to within acceptable norms. About 18 months later, this athlete competed in the famous international endurance race Paris-Brest-Paris in France.


NFL Football

A 29 year old CFL football player, experienced a head-to-head collision resulting in a concussion. He had received a blow to the forehead and momentarily lost consciousness. He remained in the game and did not reported his injuries, and, subsequently experienced momentary blackouts on further head contact. He had to stop all activities and training immediately.

His complaints, as a result of the concussion, included constant intense headaches, dizziness and hypersensitivity to light and sound, unsteadiness while walking, reactional diarrhea, hypersomnia, and motion sickness. After 72 hours of treatment, all complaints were completely cleared up and he was able to return to practice and activities. He was selected to the roster for the next game 4 days later.