Carolanne O.

I sustained a mild traumatic brain injury when I caught my foot on a rug and flew head first into a table while aboard a boat cruise which had eighty-five people on it. I hit my head so hard that I didn’t know who or where I was, needed help from others to walk and began vomiting repeatedly. For the next two months I dealt with excruciating and constant headaches, memory problems, nausea, and fatigue, which were all aggravated by any stimulation. My cognition became so poor that even small tasks, such as basic housework or cooking, were too overwhelming. I avoided driving, socializing, and all the physical activities. During my visits to emergency, I didn’t receive any information from the doctors about what to expect with a concussion or a single suggestion about how to manage the brutal headaches. In addition, I went to general practitioners four times during the two weeks after the accident without any improvement in the symptoms.

Luckily, I met a patient of Dr. Souvestre’s who had experienced great success with his health problems when he was treated by Dr. Souvestre. I made an appointment as soon as I got home and have been pinching myself ever since my first treatment, because without Dr. Souvestre’s skill, expertise, talent, and caring nature, I wouldn’t have been able to return to work or return to living my life. I’m incredibly grateful for Dr. Souvestre’s dedication towards ongoing research and training along with his desire to help his patients. I’m not sure how I can ever adequately thank him for giving me my brain, my body and my life back. If only we could get all doctors to follow his fine example. He’s a true gem.