Traumatic Brain Injury/Accidents

Your brain is the consistency of soft butter and housed in a really hard skull with multiple sharp bony ridges, making it easily injured. Jarring motions and head injuries can cause the brain to slam into the hard interior of the skull causing brain injuries that can ruin lives.

Many brain injuries, the ones in which the person does not lose consciousness, are never noticed, never reported, and therefore never treated. Even psychiatrists who treat people for brain-related issues are often unaware of brain injuries that may affect cognitive function, which may undermine the treatment they prescribe.


We know that Traumatic Brain Injury and accidents can destroy in a person’s life. At NeuroKinetics we treat all of our patients with the utmost care and support.

To better understand the nature of how NeuroKinetics could best help our patients who have suffered a traumatic brain injury, Dr. Souvestre began to assess their brain function and realized that their brains were not functioning or communicating properly.

He further determined that in many cases his non-invasive BRE or Bio Regulateur Externe helps to stimulate the body’s neurological pathways so that the brain can function properly. This has helped many of NeuroKinetics patients with their Traumatic Brain Injury.


Every patient’s first step is to book his or her Brain Optimization Session with Dr. Souvestre.

We know that many people’s lives have been destroyed because of their Traumatic Brain Injury.

Our goal is to minimize the time it takes to determine the root cause of our patient’s Traumatic Brain Injury and maximize the effectiveness of their personalized NeuroKinetics non-invasive Brain Injury program.

At NeuroKinetics we will help you with your brain injury by resetting your brain’s communication and function capabilities.

This is why our initial 4-6 hour Brain Optimization Session has proven so valuable for our patients who want to eliminate their Traumatic Brain Injury.

Your comprehensive Brain Optimization Session allows us to determine how successful our non-invasive therapy and BRE treatment will be with your Traumatic Brain Injury.

The NeuroKinetics approach is backed by Dr. Souvestre’s 30+ years of medical research and his 130 peer reviewed publications that confirm the effectiveness of the NeuroKinetics therapy and treatment protocol.