Youth Concussion Clinics Opening in USA

May 9, 2013

It is good to see that there has been an increasing awareness of the dangers of concussions, but, for the most part, there is not currently much which can be provided by the standard medical approaches either for assessments or treatment. An excellent article about concussions by the New York Times reviews the current needs and challenges, and the many new youth concussion clinics which have been opening up in the USA due to the increased demand. However they don’t yet have much to offer. The mainline advice of seeking rest until the symptoms go away, and then slowly get active again is still what they still recommend.

The NeuroKinetics Clinic provides a medical treatment for concussion which addresses the underlying issues, and the athlete does not have to wait for months for symptoms to, maybe, go away by themselves. The treatment also reduces the risk of repeat concussions due to reduced spatial perception which can be a symptom from the earlier concussions.