Why… “The Brain Whisperer”?

June 18, 2010

 Today we are launching our Blog. Very impressive maneuver for me, as I am really not used to  communicate on the net…

While finally stepping out to communicate better on what I feel called upon, I instinctively felt that I should begin with introducing briefly but yet thoroughly myself to you, seasoned or new blog readers, wherever and whenever you may be. So let’s begin here now…

Why… “The Brain Whisperer”? – As for any call name given to someone in particular, “The Brain Whisperer” has of course a good story behind. “The Brain Whisperer” is my call name, a call name given to me many years ago by a patient, who came gradually back to herself in all aspects after a few months of treatment, and this after many years of physical and mental agony, thanks to the medical expertise I earned through my career as a doctor and a scientist from many beautiful and accomplished professionals.

As you may know, Aviation and Aerospace have strong traditions recognized as necessary to strengthen and gather their own all together to better work as a team to face the odds of flying. One of these traditions is to “baptize” flying and non flying crew at a very early stage of their career with a well deserved call name specific to one’s peculiar character and trait of some sort. This call name will surely follow them throughout their career and very likely their lifetime. I belong to this milieu, and some patients too!…

Well, in our case here, “The Brain Whisperer” came along as a gentle familiar call name through the proceedings of a challenging treatment program I provided to a flight attendant who was severely physically and emotionally incapacitated after multiple occupation related traumas. Year after year, this pleasant lady, mother of two, did desperately seek help from any medical doctor she could approach, and she gradually expanded the range of her investigations towards all kind of therapists and practitioners, as nothing effective could be provided to her to get her “back to herself”, i.e. a bright, energetic and athletic creative middle age female executive. We finally met after she heard of me by pure chance through former patients of mine.

She came up with this nickname, “Brain Whisperer” because, for her, this name clearly reflected my passion for and my focus on assessing and silently “sort of dialoguing with a dysfunctional brain ” (according to what she felt when seeing me working on her, hence her expression of “whispering to this brain” ) in order to reset “defective functions” back to “normal function” through using neuroscience based micro-instrumented brain centered stimulations.

Now you know the reason why “The Brain Whisperer” is a very special moving reminder to me of a particularly touching episode in the history of my medical career, where I deeply felt in my heart that I was on the right track towards answering my calling as a caring medical practitioner. Upon reflection, “The Brain Whisperer” appears to be the most adequate name for my blog, because the focus here is on serving suffering patients and intent to resolve the cause of their dysfunction or incapacitation, whether physical, cognitive, emotional or intellectual. 


Welcome to the Brain and Body blog!

June 17, 2010

Your Host, Philippe A. Souvestre, MD (France),  welcomes you to the Brain and Body blog!  We would like to share with you our thoughts and insights of how your brain manages your body.  Pick our brain, about your brain!