Mike Farnworth, MLA, Visits NeuroKinetics Clinic

March 28, 2013

By Jane Courtney

The NeuroKinetics Clinic was pleased to meet with the Honorable Mike Farnworth, MLA, on March 21, 2013 who came to get information and discuss options to assist in developing a strategy for bringing this treatment methodology to all Canadians.

Two former patients spoke to Mr. Farnworth on the behalf of the methodology and their success with the treatment they experienced through their treatment. A demonstration of the Assessment procedure was also provided for Mr. Farnworth which showed how dramatic a change in symptoms and function can occur with the NeuroKinetics approach.

Concussions and auto accidents can have disastrous effects for people, with symptoms of often lasting for decades. Proper assessment is key to creating effective and lasting treatment for these individuals to assist them in their return to wellness. Many traumatic and chronic conditions can be successfully treated in as little as 12 weeks.

NeuroKinetics’ treatments are not covered by MSP and therefore out of reach financial for many people. There are a large number of people experiencing post-traumatic disabilities who could be helped by the NKC treatment protocol and methods.

We appreciated Mr. Farnworth’s time and interest in being open to seeing what therapies are already effective and available.