Research Chair for Concussions Funded

February 1, 2013

By Sera Kirk and Diana Pederson

The Vancouver Sun reported recently that a research chair has been funded at Surrey Memorial Hospital with Simon Fraser University to develop tools to diagnose and treat concussions.

Philippe A. Souvestre MD (France), R.Ac. of The NeuroKinetics Clinic commented “Given that there has been so much in the news about the impact of concussions on the lives of sports enthusiasts; it is encouraging to see research funding becoming directed towards expanding solutions. Sports are an important part of a healthy lifestyle for many persons. Growth and access to effective solutions for the occasional injury is therefore also very important.”

Philippe is the founder and lead practitioner at The NeuroKinetics Clinic in Vancouver which has been providing safe and effective treatments for concussions and trauma since 1997. Philippe has been practicing for almost 30 years, and is a former flight surgeon with the French Air Force, neuroscientist, and traumatologist.