Grandfather, Hard Working Family Man

Doctors had told Walter’s family “to stop wasting their time” as there was nothing that could be done for him. Walter was 75 and had worked in heavy physical labour jobs for 50 years experiencing many severe physical and emotion traumas. Walter’s family brought him to the NeuroKinetics Clinic. After his initial assessment, it was determined that Walter was suffering from a severe Postural Deficiency Syndrome. Walter’s response to his NeuroKinetics 12 week personalized program was astounding as after 2 weeks he was able to talk again and able to tie his shoelaces without any dizziness. After 6 weeks, his right arm tremors which he had for several years were almost gone.

Walter is now getting a good night sleep and he has the energy to complete all of the daily activities that have always been his life’s pleasures. Most importantly, Walter is enjoying life without dizziness which had stopped him in his tracks for years.