BMX Stunt Biking Athlete

Alex is an amateur BMX stunt rider enthusiast who suffered a major concussion after striking his head on the ground while practicing aerial stunt manoeuvres. The impact resulted in constant incapacitating headaches, dizziness, motion sickness, massive postural misalignment, hypersensitivities and extreme fatigue. After the accident, Alex’s daily life was extremely restricted and he could not do any complex physical actions. Within 2 weeks after beginning his personalized Post-Concussion Recovery Program with NeuroKinetics, Alex’s energy returned and his balance and dizziness issues had significantly been minimized.

After completing his 12 week program, Alex’s head pain, dizziness, hypersensitivities and motion sickness had completely vanished; also his postural misalignment had been fully corrected and stabilized. Alex was then able to go back and perform his aerial stunt riding tricks again.