Competitive Cyclist

A female bicycle racer, 44 years of age, experienced multiple life-threatening traumas over several years each including head injuries, loss of consciousness, concussions and skeletal fractures. Complaints included incapacitating balance disorders, headaches, whiplash and hip pain. She also experienced severe anxiety with panic attacks, major insomnia, constant chronic fatigue and blurry vision for the previous 5 years, and had a childhood fear of heights.

Within two weeks she had only minor residual pain in her head, neck and shoulders area. Vision was improved, dizziness and anxiety greatly reduced, and her energy levels were continually increasing. After a month of treatment, she had only minor sleep disturbances, minor visual acuity issues with all other complaints reduced to within acceptable norms. About 18 months later, this athlete competed in the famous international endurance race Paris-Brest-Paris in France.