Thanks for the Life Changing Treatment

July 21, 2014

We regularly receive positive feedback from our clients. We offer a variety of services which include a range of advanced injection therapies. Here is a recent letter from a client.

“I am delighted with the life-changing treatment I recently received from  NeuroKinetics Clinic. Seven years after a total abdominal hysterectomy, I found myself still unable to stand fully erect and experiencing chronic tightness in my hips that leads to hip and back pain.

NeuroKinetics provided me with a scar de-activation treatment, an umbilical injection, plus a Frankenhauser procedure – all of which were surprisingly easy to tolerate. Immediately following the injections, the scar turned soft and I was able to stand erect. My gait has changed and I feel a freedom of movement which makes being on my feet all day a pleasure.

Seeing my tummy flatten out was an added surprise, as was discovering that I can urinate with ease now – something I hadn’t noticed was a consequence of the surgery.

NeuroKinetics’ technique is gentle, their bedside manner is calm and inspires confidence. Thank you SO much for the fabulous care!

Beverly O.”