Nutrient Inhalation Services

April 9, 2014

NeuroKinetics Clinic is proud to introduce inhalation services: another safe, easy and effective way of receiving amino acids and other vitamin therapies. A nebulizer is a device to administer a liquid in a safe, inhalable mist that you breathe in through a mask or mouthpiece. One session takes about 30 minutes.

Respiratory conditions – For patients with respiratory ailments, a nebulizer breathing treatment may be an effective way to ensure quick and thorough relief. Through the use of a clinically-supervised nebulizer treatment, patients can breathe vitamins directly to the lungs helping ease airway inflammation and allowing for easier breathing.

A nebulizer can also help with the following depending on the formula:
– Detoxification
– Energy and mental clarity
– Relaxation of body tension and muscle aches
– Boosting your immune system

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