The NeuroKinetics Clinic

We are a private medical clinic serving Canada since 1997 by providing complementary care services which can treat difficult health conditions. The expertise and company was founded by Philippe A. Souvestre, MD (France).

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Mission Statement

To integrate scientific and leading edge medical techniques that are shown to relieve patients’ suffering and enhance brain performance. We form a partnership with you the patient, in your healing process providing excellence and a non-invasive approach to restore function and your health so that you can enhance your lifestyle and lead a productive life.

Vision Statement

To contribute to advancing and transforming the collective vision, mindset and attitude in the Medicine and Health care industry for the betterment of human kind. We will bridge all successful facets of medical and health care practices, whether traditional or modern in all cultures, through proven expertise and excellence in neuroscience, biophysics and medicine.

      Philippe A. Souvestre, MD (France) first developed this combined expertise with the aim to help flight test pilots in France recover from injuries faster, while minimizing their “grounded” time, which was costly. He succeeded, and decided to make this solution available to his patients in his medical practice in Marseilles, France, where he practiced as a medical doctor in the neurosciences.

NeuroKinetics integrates Western medical neuroscience with traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) and acupuncture, along with the principles of neuroplasticity (changes that occur in the organization of the brain as a result of experience) to provide an innovative approach to understand and treat disease.

Philippe, having earned multiple post-doctorate degrees, pulled from his wealth of knowledge across several Western and Eastern medical disciplines including neuroscience (medical neurophysiology), aerospace medicine, reconstructive surgery, rehabilitation medicine, sports medicine, the science of trauma, acupuncture and oriental medicine, homeopathy, posturology, and bioengineering.

Together, these provide an innovative and integrated multi-disciplinary approach which has been used successfully and safely for 30 years to correct chronic health issues and enhance performance,

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