Do you suffer from symptoms due to concussion, brain trauma or chronic health conditions?

At NeuroKinetics we strive to restore health and enhance quality of life with innovative treatments and patented technologies.

Our outpatient clinic is committed to providing leading edge medical care for various health issues and rehabilitation goals.

Optimize your brain, optimize your life!

After my third concussion I wondered if my "edge" was lost forever. This most productive concussion treatment ever done in my entire career led to my best cardio-vascular conditioning and the most valuable balance problem treatment of my life. I never came across any concussion clinic anywhere that was as effective. > more

Alyn McCauley
San Jose Sharks, Toronto Maple Leafs
Philippe actually began to demonstrate his impressive competence at our first meeting. Of the 30 medical doctors I had consulted during my car accident recovery, he alone was able to bring long-term relief to my symptoms in his trauma recovery Clinic. After his dizziness treatment, I am healthier now than I was when I began the program.
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Suffering from daily frequent intractable seizures, our child was very lethargic, unresponsive and unable to walk. We saw considerable improvement in her symptoms and activities after the first treatment at NeuroKinetics trauma recovery clinic. Within a few weeks of drugless epilepsy treatment, her Grand Mal seizures disappeared and she became drug free within six months.
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I received many concussion treatments during my professional football career. Other chronic pain treatments I had tried were unsuccessful, and my muscle spasms got steadily worse. My first sports injury treatment with the NeuroKinetics concussion clinic brought immediate relief. I now successfully run my own business.
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Being diagnosed as Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, I was tired all the time and constantly had to seek fatigue treatment. Philippe Souvestre was able, in his concussion clinic, to do so many marvelous things even though he never promised he could accomplish all this stuff. Now my granddaughter says I have more energy and spunk.
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I experienced brain injury recovery following a whiplash treatment after a severe motor vehicle accident. Neurologists recommended tinnitus treatment, anti-depressants and counselling. My anxiety attacks could only be resolved with a depression treatment at the NeuroKinetics trauma recovery clinic. Philippe saved my life, and I could resume my research work.
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I was diagnosed with Progressive Multiple Sclerosis and my doctors said there was no cure. After Philippe's balance problems treatment at his rehabilitation clinic, my circulation in my feet and legs greatly improved. I am now able to take a few steps without the walker and all my symptoms have greatly reduced.
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After replacing my silver fillings, I experienced severe sleep problems and heightened anxiety. Within just the first week of a specific sleep treatment that I received at their trauma recovery clinic, I improved enough to be able to return to work. I am so thankful and now am able to pursue those once thought, unobtainable dreams and ambitions. > more

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